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Our company offers the highest quality full service to foreign citizens wishing to study at a higher education institution in Georgia.
If you are not a citizen of Georgia and you are interested in getting a higher education in Georgia, our company will provide you with high quality services, such as selecting the desired institution, registration, accommodation in Georgia and assistance in all legal matters, all in one place.
The first stage:
Selecting the desired university;
Assistance in submitting documentation;
If necessary, translate documents from English to Georgian and provide a translator;
Assistance in filling out the application form and submitting it to the university;
Help with online registration;
The second stage:
Pick up at Tbilisi Airport and check in at a pre-selected hotel;
Assistance in finding housing;
Assistance in all matters related to the university including registration;
Assistance in opening a bank account;
Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents for the right of residence and submitting them to the relevant institution(s).
The third stage:
Visiting the university and geting acquainted with all the necessary matters;
Helping with  payment of utilities and other household chores;
Clarify travel issues in the city;
Free telephone consultation 24/7 and 5 visits within one month after accommodation.

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